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Single Parenting

Divorce can be physically, emotionally and of course financially draining process. If a child is involved, it can be psychologically draining too. The endless lawyer appointments, court hearing will take its toll financially on you and psychologically on your child. The sudden change in living whether you stay at the current family home will feel different without the other parent. As you are struggling with your emotional state, your child will be undergoing the same struggles.

You will find that as an Asian, you feel all alone and lack of support because it is considered 'shameless' in the Asian culture to be a divorcee. You find yourself withdrawing from your happily married friends because it reflects your failure as a wife/husband. Your single friends will welcome you back into their circle but it will not be the same if there is a child involved. As for you, you will not feel the same after experiencing a family life.

Remember as you experience all these emotions, your child will experience the same too so it is really important to get the right support. Just know that there are many women/men out there who are in the same situation as you and by sharing with them, it will help you understand the divorce process from an emotional state better. Your well being and emotional state will help your child cope with the sudden changes. Just remember that the child is the biggest victim in a divorce process and you should (regardless of whether you are the custodian or not) make the transition as smoothly as possible for the child. You do not want to raise a 'broken' child.



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